I’ve been looking for some king of Attractive People Graphics Meme for a while now, but since I couldn’t find one, I decided to make one instead. This is entirely self serving.

  • 5 blondes
  • 5 10 brunettes
  • 5 redheads
  • 4 people with lots of hair
  • 4 people with very little hair
  • 3 people with awesome wardrobes
  • 3 people with incredible bone structure
  • 3 people with mind-blowing bodies
  • 2 curly haired people
  • 2 freckled people
  • 2 tattooed people
  • 1 person with incredible everything

What is even going on?!

lmao x x x

supernatural + scenery 


*cha cha’s real smooth right past my responsibilities*


watching old episodes of supernatural is like going back to the remains of your childhood home after it’s been burnt to the ground


[aziz ansari voice] :D

person: i hate cats
me: what the fuck