I’m going to meet ROBERT KNEPPER, I can’t HANDLE THIS. Don’t you cancel you bastard. 

I’M SO HAPPY FOR YOU and I will send good non-cancellation vibes your way.

As it is my Favorite Month I am Celebrating by Giving everyone the chance to Win a 8X10 Painting of their Favorite Horror Character. All you have to do is Follow my Page and Reblog this Post to Enter, And if you want 2 more Chances to Win head on over to Facebook and Twitter and do the same there.The Closing date is 12pm October 31st 2014.

After the Deadline all Valid Entries from all Sites shall be added to a Random List Generator and who ever comes out on Top will Win and get to pick which Horror Character they want Painted, It can be anyone from any Entertainment Medium it can even be an Original Creation of Yours as long as you can Provide a Reference Picture.

Terms and Conditions

Only valid entries shall be counted and have a chance to win. To be a valid entry you must Follow and Share the Page and Post respectively, People who do only 1 of these these and not the other will be disqualified.Closing date is October 31st 2014 12pm (UTC) Any entries after this time will not be counted. After the Winner has been chosen by a random list generator that person will be given exactly 1 week to claim their prize, If they do not then the second person on the list shall be contacted and so on until someone claims the prize. Good Luck


i’m gonna try really hard to fall in love with the vampire diaries again. i am so sad that i hate it so much. 

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Supernatural Seasons 1-10 Title Cards



“What I will do to you, Sammy, you have no idea.”


Supernatural: the show where everyone has been a demon at one point or another.

he refuses to discuss this with me. rent is 13 years overdue”